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ENG 151 Online Information Literacy Module: For Course Instructors

Ideas for Instructors

Online Classes:  After the students have read the demo source and watched the video that walks them through how to evaluate that source, you can set up a discussion board in which your students (along with a librarian if you invite one of us into your course) can discuss how they would evaluate the other sources in the exercise with the SCARAB rubric.  You can set this up in various ways, such as:

  • You can assign groups in your class to a discussion board to evaluate and complete a rubric for a particular source.  Then you can assign each student to review the rubric done by another group and make comments.  You and a librarian can provide feedback.
  • You can assign individual students to evaluate a source and post a rubric on it to a discussion board.  Then you and the class and a librarian can comment.
  • You or the librarian can post each source for a couple days and have the class and librarian discuss how they would evaluate it, then move on to the next source.
  • You can use the instruction pieces of the module (Steps 1-4) and choose your own sources for your students to practice evaluating with the rubric.

Dual Credit and other classes that meet off campus:  After the students have read the demo source and watched the video that walks them through how to evaluate that source, you can divide your class into groups and have each group evaluate a source and complete a rubric on it.  They can present their rubric to the class with you leading a discussion as to how the source should be evaluated.

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MCC's General Education Goals

Information Literacy is one of the five MCC general education goals:

1. Critical Thinking: To identify, define, analyze, synthesize, interpret, and evaluate ideas.

2. Information Literacy: To locate, evaluate and use information resources effectively.

3. Effective Communication: To develop, articulate and convey meaning.

4. Ethical Awareness: To identify and make responsible choices in a diverse world.

5. Technological Literacy: To purposefully integrate technology toward an educational goal.

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