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ENG 152: Online Information Literacy Module: Home

Learn how to select and search databases

Module Objectives:

Information Literacy is the ability to recognize when information is needed and to locate, evaluate and use information effectively. In this module, you will learn how to:

1. Select appropriate search tools to identify and locate information sources.

2. Construct effective database searches.

These skills will enable you to find good quality resources for your research assignments!

Start Here - Step 1

Click the start button on the picture below for an intro to this module.


To listen to the module directions, click on the above recording.  If you prefer to read the directions, see below:

Welcome to the online information literacy module for ENG 152.  The module is organized into steps.  This is Step 1.  When you are finished listening to or reading the directions, please view the brief captioned videos on this page.  The Step 2 Video will help you select good search tools so you can find good sources for your English papers.  The Step 3 Videos give you very useful tips on how to search in these tools so you can get to the best, most-relevant sources.

Once you have viewed these videos, you are ready to do the research assignment posted in Step 4.  Follow the directions carefully.  Once you are done with this assignment, you may have the sources you need for your next paper or at least have an idea where and how to search for them.

If at any time you need a librarian’s help, click on the Ask a Librarian link in the box on the right side of the page.  This will give you several ways you can contact us.

Happy searching!


For a more text-based (rather than video-based) Information Literacy Tutorial, see the research techniques from our Information Literacy Tutorial linked below. The Find Resources and Search Strategies tabs most closely cover the material in the videos on this page.  Once you have viewed the information on those tabs, you can do the Research Assignment (Step 4 on this page).

Step 2 - Selecting a Search Tool (3:00)

Step 3A - Selecting and Using Keywords (3:50)

keyword with magnifying glass over research

Joshua Vossler's video "Selecting and Using Keywords"

Research Tip: If you were researching the topic "videogame violence" as discussed in the video above, you could also use a great and reliable site such as this:  (Video Game Industry: Statistics & Facts | Statista)

Step 3C - More on Boolean Searching or How to Enter Keywords into Databases (4:42)

This video explains in more detail how to put together your search terms using the Boolean AND and OR operators.

Step 4 - Putting Your Skills to the Test

After Step 4

Now that you have completed this module, you are ready to continue your research for this and other courses.  Below is the English Research Guide with lots of great search tools for this course.

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