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Leisure Reading: Mysteries

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Law Enforcement Professionals

The authors below have written these series in which the main character is a law enforcement professional.  Some of our favorites include:

Temperance Brennan Mystery

Other Mystery Favorites

A Word About Series

Mysteries are often written in series with the same main characters featured in each book.  Is it important to read a series in order?  YES!!  If you don't read a series in order, you miss out on the growth of the characters over time.  Some series mention characters or plots from earlier books in the series and you are lost if you haven't read the earlier books.  Of course, some series characters never seem to age--you may have aged ten years while your favorite character does not.  You just have to get over it.

This Mystery page is organized by series in different mystery subgenres.  We hope you find some new series here to enjoy!

Private Investigators

What Does the Body Tell Us?

Mysteries featuring medical examiners or physical/forensic anthropologists.

Humerous Mysteries

The Grand Dame of the Mystery

Another Great Classic

Historical Mysteries

Historical mysteries allow one to enjoy a good mystery while "visiting" another time.