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Crop Circle

crop circle in a field

Off-Campus Access to Databases

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Researching Controversial Issues

Try researching using keywords and search terms such as:

crop circles

natural phenomena




plasma vortex theory

dust devils

electromagnetic radiation

As you research, be on the look-out for more terms, names, etc. 


ENG 151 / Composition I

Information Literacy Session II:

Evaluating Resources



The debate over crop circles continues to this day.  Are they plasma vortex phenomena?  Do they originate with the wind or with the earth's magnetic fields? Are crop circles the imaginative creations of midnight pranksters?  Are they alien calling cards from outer space?

You have been asked to write an argumentative paper discussing whether or not crop circles are increasingly sophisticated messges from alien visitors. You will need to research both sides of this question and decide whether you support this possibility or not. Consider the following topic in a 3-4 page paper utilizing a minimum of three high quality resources and addressing this argumentative statement:

Crop circles are messages from

alien visitors.



  • Work in PAIRS 
  • Sources are located in the left-hand column (not all will be used)
  • Evaluate each source based on the six criteria discussed
  • Use the SCARAB Source Evaluation Rubric handout for scoring sources
  • When the librarian instructs you to take a poll, go to vote
  • Be prepared to share your evaluation scores (and reasoning) to the class

Evaluation Criteria



Substance   Currency   Authority   Relevance   Accuracy   Bias

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Why We Need to Know How to Evaluate Sources

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Not all crop circles are circular

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