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Information Literacy Tutorial: Information Literacy

Information Literacy

You might be surprised to find out that learning how to research is not just a skill you need for writing papers.  It is part of a bigger goal.  This goal is to become information literate

Any time you need to make an informed decision you need information literacy skills.  Whether it is buying a car, choosing a career, doing research at work, or making an important medical decision, information literacy skills will be important.

Information literacy is one of the four MCC general education goals--more about that in the box to the right.  Information literacy is also the mission of the library, and an important life skill.  So, what does information literacy mean?

Information Literacy is the ability to recognize when information is needed and to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively.

The Research Assignment

Follow Susan through each step of the research process (the gold tabs above) as she learns what it means to be information literate! 


The worst thing just happened to me!  I just came from my English class, and my teacher assigned us a research paper.  I don't have time to go to the library.  In fact, I'm not even sure where the library is.  Can somebody help me?

MCC's General Education Goals

Information Literacy is one of the four

MCC general education goals:

All students need to develop these skills.  It is a graduation requirement that you develop an E-Portfolio in which you will place a sample assignment illustrating your proficiency in each of these skills:

  1. Critical Thinking: Students who graduate from MCC are critical thinkers. They are able to do the following at a level appropriate for a two-year degree holder:
    1. Combine stated truths with facts to make arguments, develop ideas, or create processes
    2. Interpret data and draw conclusions
    3. Recognize bias and opinion
    4. Act in ways that question assumptions
  2. Effective Communication: Students who graduate from MCC are effective communicators. They are able to do the following at a level appropriate for a two-year degree holder:
    1. Select from a variety of communication styles based on the situation or mode (written, spoken, non-verbal, visual, musical, etc.)
    2. Respectfully engage in conversation and discussion as an active listener
    3. Adapt to audience and context in professional and/or personal interactions
  3. Information LiteracyStudents who graduate from MCC are information literate. They are able to do the following at a level appropriate for a two-year degree holder:
    1. Access multiple sources to provide evidence
    2. Ensure use of quality information and apply the information to accomplish an academic goal
    3. Identify where information is coming from and acknowledge sources properly
  4. Professionalism: Students who graduate from MCC are professional. They are able to do the following at a level appropriate for a two-year degree holder:
    1. Speak and act honestly and professionally
    2. Engage in culturally sensitive interactions with appropriate awareness
    3. Present themselves and act appropriately in professional environments when writing, in person, and online through timely and respectful interactions
    4. Adhere to professional codes and standards
    5. Follow through on commitments

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