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Information Literacy Tutorial: Find Resources

Finding Resources


I  decided to focus on the benefits of vegetarianism.  I have brainstormed possible search terms and thought about what questions I want to answer in my paper.  My thesis will be that vegetarian diets increase longevity, are more humane, and are better for the environment.  Or something like that.  I will have to see how it goes once I start the research and depending on what information I can find.


Click on a search tool below to see a demo of how to use it.

Where to look?

Once you have identified the type of resource you want to use, you need to know how to locate that source.  This will require you to select the best search tool to match the information format. Watch this video to see how.

Information Format Search Tool
Book, DVD, Audiobook Library Catalog
Article in a Magazine, Newspaper, or Journal Library Database
(e.g., Academic Search Complete, Academic OneFile, etc.)
Web Site Search Engine
(e.g., Google)
Reference Book Library Catalog
Library Database
(e.g., Credo Reference)
E-book   Ebook databases such as EBL and Ebrary