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Information Literacy Tutorial: Gather Resources

Keeping Track of Your Sources

During your research process you will be gathering potential resources to use for your assignment.  It is a good idea to keep track of these sources, so that if need be you can easily locate them again, or have the information necessary to include them in a works cited page.  Keeping track of your sources does not have to be a formal, complicated process.  It might be as simple as opening up a Word document and copying and pasting information on each source into this document. You will want to look for the permalink to copy and paste or many of the databases allow you to email articles to yourself.  These same databases have a cite feature that will show you how to cite the source in the desired format.   Clicking on cite and copying and pasting or emailing the citation to yourself will save you time later on.

In addition to keeping track of your sources, it might also be a good idea to keep track of your searches. In a notebook or another convenient spot, take note of the databases you searched and the search terms you used.


Saving Sources

Finding and Saving Citations for Articles

Off-Campus Access to Databases

To access any database in this Research Guide from off campus, you will need your myMCC login. You may find your myMCC login at Click on Password Reset/Find Username.