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Information Literacy

Information Literacy is one of MCC's four general education goals. Part of Information Literacy is the ability to evaluate information for quality and to select sources that are suitable for the information need! We're here today to help you develop these skills in ENG 151. Following this session (and with some practice), you should be able to: 

  1. Evaluate the quality of a resource using multiple criteria including authority, objectivity, and accuracy.
  2. Judge the suitability of a resource to the information need by assessing  such characteristics as its purpose, scope, intended audience, point of view, timeliness, publication format, and relevance.
  3. Select appropriate search tools to identify and locate information sources for argumentative papers.
  4. Recognize that information issues are becoming increasingly important in our society.
  5. Recognize different information formats, such as journal articles, newspaper articles, blogs, etc.

Format Matters

Wikipedia is Awesome

They Can't Put Anything On The Internet That Isn't True

Privacy and the Internet of Things

Security Camera

Photo by Dave Pearson



You have been asked to write a paper on the following topic:

How can you protect your privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT)?


Today we will be evaluating several sources to potentially use in writing the above paper.

This is a participatory class, so be prepared to present your findings and reasons for those findings to the class.


Evaluation Criteria


Scarab Beetle








Source #1

  • Since Wikipedia is "the best thing ever," go to and search for "internet of things"
  • Skim this source. Then we will evaluate it together as a class.

Source #2

  • Go to the Library Webpage
  • Click on "Academic Sources," then "A to Z Databases"
  • Choose the Academic Search Complete database.
  • Type in the search box, seduction by technology AND bailey
  • An item entitled "Seduction by Technology: Why Consumers Opt Out of Privacy by Buying into the Internet of Things" by Bailey should come up.  You don't have time to read the entire source.  Skim the source and then evaluate the source in your group.

Source #3

Source #4

  • Go to the Library Webpage
  • Click on "Academic Sources" then click on "A to Z Databases"
  • Click "Opposing Viewpoints"
  • Search for how to protect your internet of things devices​
  • An item entitled "How to Protect Your Internet-of-Things Devices" should be on the results list.
  • Skim the source and evaluate it with your partner using the rubric.

Source #5

  • Go to the Library Webpage
  • Click on "Academic Sources," then "A to Z Databases"
  • Choose Gale Virtual Reference Library.
  • Type in the search box, online privacy
  • An item entitled "Online Privacy" should come up
  • Skim and evaluate with the rubric.

Source #6

MCC Library