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Jane Austen and the Regency Period: Society

Beau Brummel

Beau Brummell, the original dandy and man of fashion.  In today's world he would probably have his own reality show featuring fashion and excess, and the life of one of the original "beautiful" people.

Social classes

silhouette Regency figures

Dancing . . . excessively diverting!

Assembly Room in Bath, UK    

The Upper Assembly Room, Bath UK

The locals are happy to inform you that Austen frequented both the Assembly Rooms and The Pump Room connected to the Roman Baths.

Here are some links to help you envision the many dances described in Austen's works OR to help you learn the dances you have seen in the films:

Regency  a Learning Resource

YOUTUBE Darcy and Elizabeth's dance in Pride & Prejudice (Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle dancing "Mr. Belvedere's Maggot")

illustration of Pump Room, Bath UK

The Pump Room features a statue of Richard "Beau" Nash up in a high niche  . . . keeping an eye on decorum and possible etiquette infractions.

Social gatherings such as dances, lectures, and of course, assemblies, were governed by "social rules." Dandy and bona fide Master of Ceremonies of Bath, Beau Nash was THE arbiter of those rules of good taste. 

Beau Nash

Richard "Beau" Nash (1674-1762)

A superb blog

Of the many, many links, blogs, web sites, fan sites and shopping sites devoted to Jane Austen, this blog is both entertaining and enlightening.  There is always something to be learned at Jane Austen's World. As the site is closing in on more than 7.5 million hits, there must be many, many other fans out. (Downton Abbey fans, there is content here for you as well!)

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