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Celebrate National Library Week 2016

Scholarship as Conversation

Communities of scholars, researchers, or professionals engage in sustained discourse with new insights and discoveries occurring over time as a result of varied perspectives and interpretations. - ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education

Undergraduate Research Scholar Program

Undergraduate Research Scholar Program


The Undergraduate Research Scholar Program provides an opportunity for MCC students to work with faculty on research projects and to share the results of their research. 

Past presentations can be found here:


Todd Culp

  • Guest Speaker at Elmhurst College, The Refugee Crisis in the Middle East and the Threat of ISIS, April 20, 2016
  • Guest Speaker on The Friends Whose Names I’ll Never Know for the McHenry County College Retired Adult Program, February 16, 2016.
  • Presentations at the Community College Humanities Association National Conference 2015:
    • Creative Extremism, Creating Peace:  MLK’s Model and the Current Chaos
    • Connections Navigating the Chaos of Contemporary Issues Through Interdisciplinary Learning Communities
  • Guest Speaker at the McHenry County College Multicultural Club March 17, 2016 panel discussion titled: The many faces of the Hijab
  • Interview on “Peace Activism in the Middle East Conflict”, November, 2015, The Dean Rowe Show, Huntley Community Radio 101.5 FM as WHRU-LP
  • Interview on “The Relevance of Historical Patterns on Current Politics”, August 27, 2015, The Dean Rowe Show, Huntley Community Radio 101.5 FM as WHRU-LP
  • Speaker Series on the Mideast at Hope Church, Crystal Lake.
    • “ISIS and the Beheadings in Iraq, ”September 24, 2014
    •  “The Origins of the Palestinian Israeli Conflict”, October 8, 2014
    • “The Theology of the Palestinian Israeli Conflict”, October 22, 2014

Kate Harger

  • Presentation at the Illinois Council of Community College Administrators, “Treading the MOOC-y Waters: The First Student Affairs MOOC, Ever!” (Springfield, IL - November 15, 2013)
  • 2014 Association of Community College Trustees Leadership Congress, “Using Massive Open Online Courses to Enhance the Community College Learning Experience” (Chicago, IL - October 24, 2014)
  • 2014 Information Literacy Summit, “Information Literacy for College Readiness (a presentation on the MCC Library Laura Bush 21st Century Librarians Grant project) (Moraine Valley Community College, IL - April 25, 2014)

Kristi Harreld and Debbi Skozek

  • "Microagressions in Organizations: What They Are, Ways of Working Collectively to Address Them, and How Practicing Kindness Can Impact Any Institution." MCC Lunch and Learn. 2016.

David White

  • “Teaching the Etruscans: How to Build a History Curriculum.” American Historical Society. Atlanta, GA, 2016.

The Scholarly Conversation @ MCC

National Library Week is April 10-16 and we need your help to celebrate!

We are highlighting one of the frames in the Framework for Information Literacy – Scholarship as Conversation.  This research guide shows some of the ways that MCC (faculty, staff, administrators, full-time, part-time, everyone!) contributes to the scholarly conversation.

It's not too late to share your contributions.  If you have written a book, article, dissertation, review, or blog post, given a presentation or interview, done a performance or art show, or shared your knowledge in any other way, let us know so we can include your work.

Just email a citation, link, or description to


Backdrops and Backgrounds: a Portrait Photographer's Guide

Book by Ryan Klos

Smart on the Inside

Book by Kathy Young

Using Attitude Strength to Predict Registration and Voting Behavior in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Elections

Article by Magdalena Farc

Introduction to College Writing

Textbook by Laura Power

Energy Resources

Textbook by Ted Erski

Microagressions in Organizations

Presentation by Kristi Harreld and Debbie Skozek

Literal Thots

Blog by Paula Lauer


Paula Lauer

  • Literal Thots: an Archive of Goodreads Book Reviews (link to blog here)

Elizabeth Nelson

  • Best Books 2015 - Business
  • Yvonne Prinz and Amanda Leigh Cobb. If You're Lucky. Booklist. April 2016.
  • Ami Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. Illuminae. Booklist. March 2016.
  • Jennifer Donnelly. Dark Tide. Booklist. March 2016.
  • Mohamed El-Erian. The Only Game in Town: Central Banks, Instability, and Avoiding the Next Collapse. Library Journal. February 2016.
  • Steven Radelet. The Great Surge: The Ascent of the Developing World. Library Journal. October 2015.
  • Jeff Fromm and Marissa Vidler. Millennials with Kids: Marketing to This Powerful and Surprisingly Different Generation of Parents. Library Journal. August 2015
  • Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. When to Rob a Bank...and 131 More Warped Suggestions and Well-Intended Rants. Library Journal. May 2015.

Laura Power

  • “Nobody Puts Susan Cooper in the Basement: Melissa McCarthy and Skillful, Competent Violence in Film,” an analytical review published on Bitch Flicks, a website for film and t.v. reviews “through a feminist lens” (link to review here)
  • “‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Is Doing Something Right: How One Workplace Sitcom Shows That Interracial Relationships Can Be the Norm,” also published on Bitch Flicks (link to review here)
  • “Home Sweet Home: Women, Houses, and Horror,” an analytical review published on Cinefilles, a website for “female focused film commentary” (link to review here)

Steve Young

  • Vernon W. Cisney and Nicolae Morar, eds. Biopower: Foucault and Beyond. Choice, forthcoming, June 2016.  
  • Bryan Magee. Ultimate Questions. Library Journal, February 15, 2016.
  • Shelley Tremain, ed. Foucault and the Government of Disability. Choice, January 2016.2015
  • Daniel Boyarin. A Traveling Homeland: the Babylonian Talmud as Diaspora. Choice, December 2015.
  • [John Dominic Crossan. The Dark Interval] “A Book I Like to Teach,” The Christian Century. October 6, 2015.
  • Jan Zwicky. Alkibiades' Love: Essays in Philosophy. Choice, August 2015.
  • Nicholas Rescher. A Journey through Philosophy in 101 Anecdotes. Library Journal, June 15, 2015.
  • John Durham Peters. The Marvelous Clouds: Toward a Philosophy of Elemental Media. Library Journal. May 15, 2015.
  • Mark D. Jordan. Convulsing Bodies: Religion and Resistance in Foucault. Choice, May 2015.
  • Patricia Raybon and Alana Raybon. Undivided: A Muslim Daughter, Her Christian Mother, Their Path to Peace. Library Journal, April 1, 2015.
  • Clayton Crockett. The Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion. Choice. April 2015.
  • Margaret Y. MacDonald. The Power of Children: The Construction of Christian Families in the Greco-Roman World. Choice. April 2015.
  • Ruwen Ogien. Human Kindness and the Smell of Warm Croissants: An Introduction to Ethics. Library Journal. March 15, 2015.
  • Slavoj Žižek. Event: a Philosophical Journey through a Concept. Choice. February 2015.
  • Matthew Del Nevo. The Metaphysics of Night: Recovering Soul, Renewing Humanism. Choice. January 2015.


Todd Culp and Mark Waters

  • NEH Grant for The Journey Home, a three-year project that involves creating a series of humanities-based courses, written and oral histories, and educational partnerships focused on the veteran experience, particularly the transition from soldier to civilian.

David White

  • NEH Grant for research in Italy: The Legacy of Ancient Italy: The Etruscans and Early Romans


Kate Harger

  • Massive Open Online Course – Created and co-taught MCC’s first MOOC “Online Reputation for Career Success,” (April 15, 2013 – May 6, 2013)

MCC Library

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Ted Erski

  • Textbook for Geography 123: Energy Resources. (link to book here)

  • Living Physical Geography in the Laboratory. W.H. Freemanand Company. (link to book here)

Laura Power

  • Textbook for English 095: Introduction to College Writing, published by Kendall Hunt, Dubuque, IA (link to publisher’s page here)

Books & Book Chapters

Ted Erski

  • A Coffee Crusade. (link to book here)

  • Salavandra: A Coffee Tale. (link to book here)

Jim Gould

  • Forthcoming books on prayers for the dead. Wipf and Stock.

Ryan Klos

  • Backdrops and Backgrounds: A Portrait Photographer's Guide. Amherst Media. (link to book here)

Kathy Young

  • KidTips: Study Strategies for Students With Learning Differences. Attainment Company. (link to book here)
  • Smart on the Inside: A True Story About Succeeding in Spite of Learning Disabilities. Round Table Companies. (link to book here)


Magdalena Farc

  • Farc, Maria-Magdalena, and Brad J. Sagarin. “The Role of Individual Characteristics in Predicting the Stability of Party Identification: A Cross-Cultural Study.” Applied Psychology 57.3 (2008): 373–396.
  • Farc, Maria-Magdalena, and Brad J. Sagarin. “Using Attitude Strength to Predict Registration and Voting Behavior in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Elections.” Basic and Applied Social Psychology 31.2 (2009): 160–173.
  • Crouch, Julie L., et al. “Automatic Encoding of Ambiguous Child Behavior in High and Low Risk for Child Physical Abuse Parents.” Journal of Family Violence 25.1 (2009): 73–80.
  • Crouch, Julie L., et al. “Does Accessibility of Positive and Negative Schema Vary by Child Physical Abuse Risk?” Child Abuse & Neglect 34.11 (2010): 886–895.
Elizabeth Nelson
  • Nelson, Elizabeth. “Using Six Sigma and Lean in the Library.” College & Undergraduate Libraries 22.3-4 (2015): 312–324.

Cynthia VanSickle

  • VanSickle, Cynthia. “A Return to the Anti-Feminist Past of Divorce Law: The Implications of the Covenant or Marriage Laws as Applied to Women.” The Journal of Law in Society 6. (2005): 154.