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ENG 151/PHI 251: Bioethics: DNA and Privacy

Your Health Information

Infographic: Your Health Information, Your Rights



You have been asked to write a paper on the following topic:

Should there be ethical oversight on the collection and use of big data that includes personal medical and health information?


Today we will be evaluating several sources to potentially use in writing the above paper.

When the librarian instructs you to take a poll, go to to vote.

This is a participatory class, so be prepared to present your findings--and reasons for those findings--to the class.

Evaluation Criteria


Scarab Beetle

S.ubstance   C.urrency   A.uthority   R.elevance   A.ccuracy   B.ias

SCARAB Source Evaluation Rubric (pdf)


#1 23andMe (KU) Source #9 23andMe pursues Source #17 Legal and Regulatory
Source #2 GSK is acquiring Source #10 Are we too close Source #18 Editing human germline
Source #3 (righthand column) Source #11 Gattaca alert Source #19 Think before you spit
Source #4 Testing times Source #12 GE of humans Source #20 CG Tests Boom
Source #5 Use and misuse Source #13 We need to talk Source #21 Privacy in Genomics
Source #6 23andME Privacy  Source #14 GM humans Source #22 5 things to know 
Source #7 23andME, we, you Source #15 Pharmacogenetic tests Source #23 DTC Testing
Source #8 Internet-based DTC-GT Source #16 First GM human embryo Source #24 GINA turns 10
    Source #25 So many people



The letters that spell "GATTACA" are used to label the nucleotide bases of DNA. The four nitrogen bases of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) are adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine.