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MCC 101: Starting the Research Process

Information literacy session for MCC 101

MCC 101 Information Literacy Session Objectives

Welcome to the library! Today we're going to be working through the first part of the research process. Once you have completed this activity you should be able to:

  • Identify, locate, and navigate library collections in order to access multiple sources of information
  • Interpret bibliographic citations to determine where information is coming from
  • Distinguish between popular & scholarly sources to determine if a source meets your information need

This is all part of the bigger goal to become information literate, which is defined at MCC as being able to:

  • Access multiple sources to provide sound evidence
  • Ensure information is of quality and use the information to accomplish an academic goal
  • Acknowledge where information is coming from and whom it belongs to

Click on the tabs along the left navigation to work through the assignment.