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Super Twofer: MCC101, ENG151, PSY151

Let's Review

Top 5 Takeaways

1. Formats

  • How information is packaged
  • Different formats have different purposes
  • Some formats are better for your purpose

2. Sources

  • The content, or the information itself
  • A range of source types, but the ends are popular and scholarly
  • All sources should be evaluated, even scholarly sources

3. Search Tools

  • A search tool is what you use to locate information.
  • Different search tools have different purposes. Use Google to search the internet for popular information and general websites. Use the library catalog to search for materials the library owns. Use library databases to find full-text scholarly articles.

4. Strategies and criteria for evaluating information

  • SIFT: Stop, Investigate the source, Find better coverage, Trace back to the original source
  • SCARAB: Substance, Currency, Authority, Relevance, Accuracy, Bias
  • CRAAP: Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose

5. If you have questions about your research, just ask a librarian! Stop in anytime, start a chat, or schedule a research appointment.