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Super Twofer: MCC101, ENG151, PSY151


Use the SIFT method to evaluate the source in the Padlet below. Click the thumbnail of the source to open it. When you're ready to post your answers, click the yellow plus sign on the lower-right of the Padlet.

Think about the following as you evaluate the source:

  1. When you STOP, what did you find out about the source (the information) and the author/organization?
  2. When you INVESTIGATE the source and the claim, what argument is this source making?
  3. When you FIND BETTER COVERAGE, what are some search terms or strategies you can use?
  4. When you TRACE BACK TO THE ORIGINAL SOURCE, where did this source get its information?
  5. Based on your findings, would you use this source for your research? Why or why not?



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