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Leisure Reading: Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga

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Some definitions


A Japanese abbreviation of animation, referring to a distinctive style of film animation that originated in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century.  Its characteristic features include colorful graphics, exaggerated physical features, strong linear effects, and themes that appeal to adult audiences.  Anime is distributed on television, video, and film, and also online.(ODLIS: Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science).


A Japanese term for comics and print cartoons.  Outside Japan, manga refers to comics created in Japan, by Japanese artists, in the Japanese language, and originally in a characteristic black and white style that originated in Japan in the late 19th century. Manga includes a wide range of literary genres and attracts readers of all ages.  Very popular manga may be animated. (ODLIS: Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science).

graphic novel

A term coined by Will Eisner to describe his semi-autobiographical novel A Contract with God (1978), written and illustrated in comic book style, the first work in a new format in which an extended narrative is presented as a continuous sequence of pictorial images printed in color or black and white and arranged panel-to-panel, with text given in captions and dialogue usually enclosed in balloons.  A precursor can be found in the picture story albums of the 19th-century Swiss writer Rodolphe Topffer, who also wrote novels in conventional form.  This new literary form is viewed with suspicion by traditionalists who regard it as a marketing ploy aimed at attracting adult readers to comic books by removing the stigma attached to them.  (ODLIS: Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science).


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