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ENG 151: Cell Phone Radiation: Activity


Information Literacy 2: Evaluating Resources


Cell phone radiation: health concern or hysterics?

The debate continues over the risk of exposure to heat emitting electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) waves on the brain.  In particular, should consumers be given all current information regarding cell phone EMFs exposure and more explicit labeling on all cell phones regarding potential harm and best practices for using cell phones?  

You have been asked to write an argumentative paper discussing whether or not cell phones expose users to increased tumor growth and other health concerns. You will need to research both sides of this question in order to support your viewpoint.

Consider the following topic in a 4-5 page paper utilizing a minimum of three high quality resources and addressing this argumentative statement:

  American cell phone usage should be a public health concern.

  • Work in PAIRS 
  • Wait for sources to be assigned for evaluation
  • You will use the SCARAB Source Evaluation Rubric for evaluating and scoring
  •  Log in to
  • Be prepared to share your evaluation scores (and reasoning) to the class!

Evaluation Criteria: SCARAB


Substance  Currency  Authority  Relevance  Accuracy  Bias

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for Cellular Phones

SAR Levels and Apple devices