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Social Networking


Researching Controversial Issues

Try researching using search terms such as:

  • social networking and privacy
  • social networking and employers

See what other terms come to mind.


ENG 151 / Composition I

Information Literacy Session II: Evaluating Resources


Social Networking and Privacy

The prevalence of social networking in our daily personal and working lives is revealing ways in which social networking can be viewed at times as an invasion of privacy. You have been asked to write a paper discussing the pros and cons of personal information risks with social networking for college students. Consider the following topic in a 4-5 page paper utilizing a minimum of three high quality resources:

"Should employers, college recruiters and others use social networking sites such as Facebook to check out potential candidates?"


  • Work in PAIRS (yes, TWO people per group!)
  • The sources are located in the left-hand column
  • Evaluate each source based on the six criteria discussed
  • Use the SCARAB Source Evaluation Rubric handout for assistance
  • This is a participatory class, so be prepared to present your findings and reasons for those findings to the class.

Evaluation Criteria








SCARAB Source Evaluation Rubric (pdf)

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