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HFE 250: Fad Diets: Health Effects / Evaluation

Types of Sources

The health effects and evaluation segment of the Fad Diets Project requires the most in-depth level of research. Your resources for this segment will consist primarily of peer-reviewed articles.

Suggested Searches

EBSCOhost includes three databases that are useful for the fad diets project: Academic Search Premier, CINAHL, and Health Source Nursing. Cross-search all three in the search box below. Login with your myMCC username and password for off-campus database access.

Try the following search strategies for evaluation and health effects:

  • weight loss programs and effectiveness
  • diet pills and effectiveness
  • fad diets and health
  • obesity surgery and evaluation
  • Atkins diet and health, south beach diet and health, etc...
  • low carbohydrate diet and health effects
  • diets for weight loss and evaluation
Research Databases

Additional Sources for Articles