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ENG 151 Info Lit

Guide for Elizabeth's ENG 151 info lit session

Evaluating Sources Activity

Each group will evaluate one of the sources using SIFT, SCARAB, or another tool. Each of these sources relates to the search topic of "Fake News on Social Media"

  1. access the source
  2. determine which evaluation tool/process you want to use
  3. evaluate the source and determine if you would use this source for college level research or not
  4. add notes on the process (scores or findings from SIFT) and your conclusion to the Padlet
  5. choose a group member to report back to the class


Source #1

Have Beliefs in Conspiracy Theories Increased over Time?

Source #3

How to Identify Fake News on Social Media

Source #4

Fake news spreads faster than true news on Twitter—thanks to people, not bots


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