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Banned Books and Censorship

Doing an Assignment About Book Bans or Censorship?

Our databases are a good place to start your research. Here are some to start with.

You can also browse our full list of A to Z databases.

Keywords for Database Searching

  • censorship
  • censorship AND books
  • censorship AND movies or film
  • censorship AND music
  • Parental Advisory Label
  • Parents Music Resource Center
  • censorship AND government
  • censorship AND social media
  • censorship AND Supreme Court
  • book bans or book banning
  • banned books
  • book burning
  • American Library Association
  • freedom of expression
  • intellectual freedom
  • book bans in schools
  • First Amendment
  • free speech
  • freedom of the press
  • obscenity laws
  • The Miller Test
  • Federal Communications Commission