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ENG 152: The U.S. Education System: Finding Websites

Google Search Tips

For college level research, Google isn't always your best bet. Check out the Google vs. Database table to the right, before you decide to search the web. 

The tips below can help you search Google like a pro, and will help you find the best results possible:

  • Limit your results to trusted domains such as .edu or .gov by adding or to the end of your search phrase

  • Remove terms, phrases, or websites from your search by using - followed by the term or site to remove, for instance, remove Pinterest results by adding to the end of your search phrase 

Google vs. Databases

Google homepage vs the search page of Academic Search Complete


Library Databases

► Free to search, but some content may be behind pay walls ► All content is paid for by the library, which is supported by your tuition
► Contains a wide assortment of websites, images, and videos which can be published or uploaded by anyone with an internet connection ► Contains materials selected by librarians that are appropriate for college- level research and relevant to your coursework.
► Uses natural language searching to return millions of results, some of which are relevant ► Uses keyword searching to return fewer, more relevant results, which can be further refined using limiters
► Supported by sponsors and advertising, and results are ranked by relevance but may be affected by content ► Contains no advertising, and results are ranked by relevancy
► Credibility of results can be hard to determine ► Makes it easy to identify scholarly and peer-reviewed articles