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Printing, Saving, & Accessing Sources: Home

If you have found information that you want to use in one of our databases, there are various places to go from there. The most important thing is that you make sure you can find the source again. This may include printing, emailing, or saving the source. Luckily, these options are pretty streamlined across platforms and you've likely already encountered how to do each of these options. 


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Emailing: This is HIGHLY recommended. The great thing about emailing your article or source to yourself if that you can access it from anywhere. Printing a copy or saving a copy to your personal computer means that you have to be in a particular location, that you don't lose the physical copy, or that your personal computer doesn't crash. Most databases have an option to email the article and everything attached to it, but if you are emailing yourself the link, make sure that you click on the link (undefined) icon to get the permanent link for an article. 


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Saving: There are usually two options in databases for saving. Some have the typical Floppy Disk save icon and others you have to download first and then save from a secondary place (ex. Adobe Acrobat or another tab within your browser).


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Google Drive: In most databases there is also an option to save straight to Google drive. Since this is an ever-increasing method of digital storage, this will probably become a more popular option. This option will mean that you have to sign into your Google account.