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Horticulture Research Guide

HRT 103 Assignment Topics

As you prepare for your reports, try these keywords to search library databases. The keywords suggested do not include all possible terms. When using a database, remember to use the full text and scholarly peer reviewed limiters. If you find an article you like, read the abstract for more keyword ideas to search. 

The open internet can also be a source of authoritative information. Try adding .gov to the end of your keywords to return government sources, like those from the US Department of Agriculture or the FDA (for example: plants food .gov).

Plants Used as Food

Keywords to Try: plants, food, edible plants, edible wild plants, edible native plants, wild food plants, edible plant identification, edible plant harvesting, edible plants AND characteristics

Medicinal Plants

Keywords to Try: medicinal plant genomics, medicinal botany, plants AND disease prevention; plant-based medicines, medicinal plant identification, medicinal plants AND benefits, medicinal plants AND risks, medicinal plants AND characteristics

Poisonous Plants

Keywords to Try: poisonous plants AND characteristics, toxic plants, deadly plants, poisonous plants AND identification, poisonous plants AND pets, poisonous plant AND reactions

Library Databases

Horticulture Databases

General Subject Databases