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Women's History Month: Websites

Report from the White House

1913 Women's Suffrage Parade

  Women's Suffrage Parade; link leads to larger version of the photograph.Head of Women's Suffrage Parade

Library of Congress American Memory

Web sites

The Awakening

The Awakening, illustration by Henry Mayer, 1915. Image links to item on the Library of Congress website.
Illustration [1915] shows a torch-bearing female labeled "Votes for Women", symbolizing the awakening of the nation's women to the desire for suffrage, striding across the western states, where women already had the right to vote, toward the east where women are reaching out to her. Printed below the cartoon is a poem by Alice Duer Miller (view large version).

Pathways to Equality (National Women's History Museum and Google Arts and Culture)


Suffragette Poster

Suffragist Colors

Suffragist bannes purple and gold

Click on the image above for one explanation of American Suffragist Colors.

Click here another explanation of the colors.

This short article gives a jeweler's explanation about the colors of suffragette jewelry.

This site shows Women's Suffrage buttons and other memorabilia.