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BIO 157: Experiment Paper: Home: Finding Articles and Research

Research guide for the BIO 157 assignments.

Off-Campus Access to Databases

To access any database in this Research Guide from off campus, you will need your myMCC login. If you need to reset your password, go to the myMCC login page and click on Password Reset/Find Username.

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Keywords to Try

Starting Your Search

  • Start your search with two or three keywords.
    • One keyword isn't specific enough and will produce an overwhelming number of results.
    • Too many keywords might be too specific and won't produce enough results.
  • Revise your search -- try other keywords and see how that changes your results.

Some Keywords to Try

  • Catalase AND temperature
  • Fermentation AND ethanol
  • Fermentation AND salt
  • Fermentation AND temperature
  • Fermentation AND sugar

Search Tips

Try these search tips to locate information efficiently in our databases:

Boolean operators

  • AND: for combining unrelated search terms (like catalase AND temperature)
  • OR: for searching similar words (like salt OR sodium chloride)
  • NOT: for eliminating results (like fermentation NOT bacteria)

Phrase searching

  • Use quotation marks to search words as a complete phrase, like “biochemical process”


  • Full text
  • Publication date

How to Find Scientific Articles

These databases are good for finding in-depth articles on your topic.

This list contains links to open access scientific information on the web. Remember to evaluate the information carefully!

Research 101: Format Matters