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Database Accessibility

Gale Platform Accessibility

Gale provides the following built-in ADA accessibility features:

  • Navigational consistency with headings, landmarks, and labels
  • Descriptive page titles
  • Adjustable text size
  • Larger default text sizes and fonts
  • Text-to-speech for HTML full text articles
  • Download audio files
  • Optimized screen width and optimal contrast ratios

View Gale's Accessibility Policy for more information.

Available File Formats


Gale provides a text-to-speech option for HTML full text articles. Click the Speaker icon at the beginning of the article to open the text-to-speech tool. You can also download audio files in MP3 format.


Gale allows you to download an HTML article as a PDF file. Adobe has a built-in Read Aloud tool but using a screen reader like JAWS or NVDA for text to speech is recommended.

Using the Read Aloud Feature

All of the Gale vendor databases have a read-aloud feature for HTML articles or eBooks set to Text View that may be manually activated. (eBooks that are set to Book View do not have text-to-speech capability. Using a screen reader is recommended.)

  1. Click the title of the article you want. At the beginning of the article, click the Speaker icon to open the text-to-speech tool.
  2. To stop the reading, click the Stop button.
  3. Click the Settings icon to select other text to speech features like text highlighting, word color, reading speed, and more.
  4. Click the download button to download the mp3 audio file.

Gale databases also allow you to change the color contrast, font, line spacing, letter spacing and word spacing. Click the Aa icon to change the settings.

Using a Screen Reader in Gale Databases

Gale eBooks are compatible with JAWS and all applicable commands work