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Eng 152 Database Searching

This guide includes information to help students perform database searching effectively and efficiently. Topics include using keywords, subject terms, and boolean searching, and other tips for finding, saving, and citing information from the library datab

What is a database?

"A database is any collection of data that can be retrieved using organized search procedures" (Badke 72).

MCC Library A to Z Database List - can narrow by database type - ebooks, newspapers, videos, articles

The way in which a database is constructed allows for specific and sophisticated searching.

The MCC online library catalog is another example of a database.

OPAC (online public access catalog) view of a bibliographic record vs. the cataloger's record

The various tags, fields in the record allow for specific searching by author, title, subject, etc. The various fields use labels to identify what type of information is indicated in that particular field (e.g., 245 is the title field, 100 is the author field, 650s are the subject fields). 

Subject terms in the 650 fields are determined by the Library of Congress Authorities - Subject Headings

Like library catalogs, the specific tags used by the indexer/librarian in library databases allow you to do an advanced search by author, title, subject, date, etc.