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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (May)

May has been designated Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. This guide provides resources that highlight the history and contributions of Asian and Pacific Islanders.

Library Databases

Try these library databases to start your research.

Research Areas

Interested in Asian American or Pacific Islanders as a research topic? Use this list of keywords and subjects to get started searching our catalog and databases.

  • Pacific Islander Americans
  • Pacific Islander American business enterprises
  • Pacific Islander American college students
  • Pacific Islander Americans--Civil rights
  • Pacific Islander Americans--Education
  • Pacific Islander Americans--Government policy
  • Pacific Islander Americans--History
  • Pacific Islander Americans--Medical care
  • Asian American youth
  • Asian American theater
  • Asian American students
  • Asian American history and culture
  • Asian American families
  • Asian American cooking
  • Asian American authors
  • Asian American art

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