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ENG 152: Digital Nation


Exploring Your Topic With Pre-Research

  • Helpful if you have an idea for a paper but not a fully-formed research question
  • Further explore a topic to see if enough information about a topic exists
  • Helps you refine your topic or help you find a new aspect of it to explore

A library database like Opposing Viewpoints is a great place to start. Their Browse Issues feature lists hundred of topics to explore. For each topic, you'll find a summary, as well as a list of numerous sources in various formats.

Pro Tip: For topics related to Digital Nation, click the Topics drop-down list and choose Science, Technology, and Ethics.

Start by reading the summary to gather keywords that look interesting to you.

The Research Process

The Research Process

  1. Identify your information need (often guided by the requirements of your assignment)
  2. Pre-research (background info, keywords, learn about topic)
  3. Create a research statement or question (often guided by your assignment)
  4. Develop a search strategy. (Where will you look for information? This will depend on your what kind of information you need.)
  5. Search for information. (Choose a search tool and test your keywords.)
  6. Evaluate the sources you find.
  7. Answer question and cite sources

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