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ENG 152: Digital Nation: Home

Digital Nation


This research guide will help you find information on the general topic "Digital Nation."

Below are some helpful keywords to use in your searching. Click through the yellow tabs to learn how to search the catalog for print materials and the databases for electronic sources.

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The Research Process

The Research Process

  1. Start with a research question or thesis statement.
  2. Identify the main concepts from that question.
  3. Identify keywords related to those concepts.
  4. Choose your search tools.
  5. Test your search.
  6. Revise/refine your search.

As you find more sources, you'll probably find more keywords to try. You may need to repeat steps 4-6 and that's ok! Research is messy and rarely goes in a straight line. 

Below are some keywords to get you started. When you find an article you like, look at the subject terms listed in the database record, as well as the abstract, for more keywords to search. 

Starting Your Research

Try researching using the following subject terms and keywords:

  • technology and children (or seniors, young adults, teenagers, women, boys, etc.)
  • cyber bullying
  • internet and education
  • internet addiction
  • virtual reality
  • digital media
  • digital immigrants
  • digital natives
  • digital divide
  • social media
  • mass media and technology
  • Facebook, Twitter, etc.

For more ideas, use the Subject Terms tool in the database Academic Search Complete. It works like a thesaurus and can guide you to new areas of research, or help you focus or refine your topic.

Off-Campus Access to Databases

To access any database in this Research Guide from off campus, you will need your myMCC login. You may find your myMCC login at Click on Password Reset/Find Username.

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ENG 152 Information Literacy Objectives

INFORMATION LITERACY is one of MCC's four general education goals. Information Literacy is the ability to recognize when information is needed and to locate, evaluate and use information effectively. In this session, you will learn how to:

1. Select appropriate search tools to identify and locate information sources.

2. Construct effective database searches.

These skills will help you find quality, appropriate resources for your research assignments.