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Media Literacy

How to Use This Guide

This guide contains information that will help you develop your media literacy skills. 

Media literacy

"Proficiency in the evaluation, analysis, and understanding of mass media; esp. the ability to analyze critically any story or event presented in the media and to determine its accuracy or credibility." 

Source: “Media Literacy, N.” Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford UP, July 2023,

With so much information in the world, being media literate will help us navigate it. It also makes us better consumers of information. Media literacy is about more than understanding information. It's asking us to think critically about the purpose of the information and how it impacts the world around us.

This guide goes into greater detail on the following media literacy topics:

  • Searching the Internet: Learn more about Google's algorithms and how you can get around them.
  • Filter Bubbles: Learn how we isolate ourselves from differing viewpoints and the effect that has on our information consumption.
  • Media Bias: Learn why the media use certain images and carefully crafted headlines to influence us.
  • Misinformation: Learn about the three types of "information disorder" and how to actively engage with information.