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Physical Therapist Assistant: Finding Books & Media

Call Number Ranges

Physical Therapy Call Number Ranges

  • Q Science
    • QM Human Anatomy
    • QP Physiology
  • R Medicine
    • RB  Pathology
    • RD792 - RD811  Orthopedic Surgery, Physical Rehabilitation
    • RM695-RM893   Phyiscal Medicine. Physical Therapy.
    • RM930 - RM931  Rehabilitation Therapy.
    • RM950  Rehabilitation Technology.

Books on physical therapy related to a specific group of people or a specific medical condition will be shelved under the call number for that group or condition.  For example, books on pediatric physical therapy will be found under RJ (pediatrics).

Online Reference Books

Library Catalog

Use the MCC Library Catalog to find out what physical and electronic resources the Library has available. Enter your search below to get started!


You can also search the catalog using keywords, such as:

  • physical therapy
  • physical therapy assistant
  • physical therapist
  • exercise therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • medical rehabilitation
  • anatomy 

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