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A research guide covering all science-related topics, including Biology, Chemistry, the Earth Sciences and Physics.

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Primary Sources in the Sciences

In the natural sciences, primary sources are publications which 1) provide a full description of original research and 2) present the results of that research. A scholarly article published in a peer-reviewed journal is an example of a primary sources in the sciences.

Primary sources include a description of the research. The results and references to other research in the field are factual, but not interpretive. Other primary sources may include personal records and correspondence such as lab notebooks, diaries, and letters.

Formats depend on the research conducted. They present findings and full descriptions of the original research. Examples of types of primary sources:

  • Conference or Society Proceedings/Conference Papers
  • Correspondence, diaries
  • Dissertations
  • Interviews
  • Lab notebook or notes
  • Patents
  • Peer-reviewed Scholarly Articles
  • Studies, surveys
  • Technical Reports
  • Theses

Science in Context

Science in Context features authoritative information for assignments and projects, and provides detailed coverage of popular subjects, including earth science, life science, space, technology, mathematics, and science history and biography.

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