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eBooks at MCC: eBooks for Research

A guide that walks through how to access eBooks through the MCC Library

Types of eBooks

Research pyramid with reference books at the bottom and monographs in the middleThere are two main types of eBooks in the MCC Library.

Reference databases are databases full of reference sources. These include:

  • Dictionaries and subject dictionaries
  • Encyclopedias and subject encyclopedias
  • Almanacs
  • Handbooks
  • Atlases
  • Manuals
  • and more

These types of sources are generally used as background information. They don't contain the kind of information you would cite in your research, but they'll help you understand more about your topic and generate good search terms for your research.


monograph is a book on a single subject. This is probably what comes to mind when thinking about an eBook. This type of source is very helpful for your research because you can learn a lot about your topic all in one place.

These books can either be written by an author or authors, or they can be edited books with each chapter or essay written by a different contributor.


Examples of Reference Databases

Accessing Credo

This video gives an overview on how to access and search Credo.

Examples of Monograph Databases

Accessing eBook Community College Collection

Video walking through how to access and search Ebsco's eBook Community College Collection