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Integrating Library Resources into Teaching and Learning

Tips and tricks for using library resources in your courses, including reserves, persistent links, video, images, and more.

Embedding Content in Canvas

What is an embed code?

An embed code is a snippet of HTML that is inserted directly into a page's source HTML. The embed code is a container for interactive content, such as a video. You can also embed webpages and other types of content.

Using Embed Codes in Canvas

Whenever you post content in Canvas (whether you are posting a page, an announcement, an assignment, a quiz, etc.), you'll bring up a rich text editor. To insert an embed code, click on the HTML editor link to switch over to the HTML source view. This is the bracket icon circled in the image below. Insert the embed code where you would like it to appear in the document. When you switch back to the RTE using the same icon, the embedded object will display. Some embedded objects will only display once the content has been saved. If the content is not displaying correctly outside of the RTE, after it has been saved, it might indicate the embed code contains a tag or an attribute that isn't allowed in Canvas. 

Screenshot of Canvas interface showing where to access the html editor

Embedding Videos

The MCC library has access to several video databases.

You can link directly to individual videos or embed the video content directly. In the Alexander Street Press databases you will see the option to Share your playlist or to Embed/Link, which will bring up the embed code and the persistent link.

Screenshot of Alexander Street Press Database showing the Embed code

Use the proxy prefix with the permanent link to create a persistent link directly to the video.


Embedding Credo Articles

Content from Credo Reference can be embedded within Canvas using the supplied embed codes. You can find the embed code using the same page link icon you use to access the persistent link. Just click on "Embed" to access the embed code. You can find additional information on embedding articles into your courses on Credo's how-to page and in their Terms of Use.

Screenshot of the embed code found within Credo