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Integrating Library Resources into Teaching and Learning

Tips and tricks for using library resources in your courses, including reserves, persistent links, video, images, and more.

Persistent Links

Persistent links are links that remain functional over an extended period of time. They can be used to link directly to a specific resource, such as an article within a database. From on campus, the link will take you directly to the resource.  From off-campus you will be asked to log in using your myMCC login. At MCC we use OpenAthens for authentication. This is what tells the database that you are allowed to access a resource even when you aren't on campus.

Persistent links have two parts:

For some databases you may need to add a proxy prefix yourself, while in others it may be included in the persistent link provided. Please see the examples in the links below for more information.

When you are using a library database, don't copy the link in the address bar. Look for the supplied persistent link within the database record. You can also copy a link from the A-Z Database List if you'd like to link to a resource's home page.

Databases may refer to the persistent links by different terms.  You may need to look for a permalink, bookmark, or document URL.

If you need help, just ask a librarian.