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Integrating Library Resources into Teaching and Learning

Tips and tricks for using library resources in your courses, including reserves, persistent links, video, images, and more.

What are Research Guides?

Research guides contain information on subject specific resources provided by the MCC library. These guides tend to have similar layouts. They not only provide information on finding books, articles and websites, but also contain information on how to go about citing and evaluating sources. Many of our Research Guides also list additional guides on the Home tab that are geared towards specific assignments. For an example, take a look at the Home page of our English Research Guide (you'll see the assignment specific guides listed on the left).

A Few Suggestions...

You might want to include a Research Guide link:

  • On a syllabus
  • Within an online course
  • On an assignment handout/description

Embedding the research guide at the point of need helps to ensure that it will not only get used by students, but that the information within the guide will be remembered. 

The MCC Librarians are here to support your efforts. If further assistance is needed, please contact the MCC Reference Desk.