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Super Twofer: MCC101, ENG151, PSY151

MCC 101 Information Literacy Session Objectives

Welcome to the library!

This information literacy instruction session combines MCC101, ENG151, and PSY151. Our goal is to introduce you to the library and help you find credible sources to support the research assignment you're working on. You'll also learn how to evaluate information so you can identify those credible sources.

We'll go over the following:

  • How to use the library and the library website and how to get help from a librarian
  • Tour of the library
  • Information formats
  • Using different search tools
  • Evaluating sources

You'll also complete two library assignments: a short written research reflection and a short source evaluation quiz. You'll have time to work on the reflection in class. The reflection is due by the end of today (Nov 7). The quiz is due Nov 9.

Throughout the instruction, you'll get to practice the skills you're learning and you'll be asked to make notes on your handout along the way. Your notes on the handout will help you write your research reflection at the end.


Learning Outcomes


  • Identify, locate, and navigate library collections in order to access multiple sources of information
  • Interpret bibliographic citations to determine where information is coming from
  • Distinguish between popular & scholarly sources to determine if a source meets your information need


  • Evaluate the quality of a resource using multiple criteria.
  • Recognize different information formats, then select the appropriate format for a specific information need.
  • Distinguish between a popular and a scholarly source to evaluate it appropriately.
  • Investigate a source to determine its purpose and authority.
  • Track down the information cited in a source to determine its credibility.

This is all part of the bigger goal to become information literate, which is defined at MCC as being able to:

  • Access multiple sources to provide sound evidence
  • Ensure information is of quality and use the information to accomplish an academic goal
  • Acknowledge where information is coming from and whom it belongs to