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APA Style Tutorial

In-text citations

In-Text Citations:

These citations appear in parentheses and usually consist of the author(s) last name(s) (do not include author initials), date (year), and page number(s) of the source you are citing.


Louv (2012) states that the lack of outside activity is a “Nature Deficit Disorder” (p. 34).

Two authors:

“Teachers who provide nature play set the stage for lifelong approaches to learning” (Talbot & Frost, 2014, p. 21).


Example Citations


Author’s Name (Last name, Initials). (Year). Title of work. Edition statement. Publisher.

Print example:

Ondaatje, M. (1993). The English patient: A novel (1st Vintage International ed.). Vintage Books.

Scholarly Journal Article – Electronic

Author’s Name (Last name, Initials). (Date). Title of article. Journal Title, Volume #(Issue # Not

            italicized), Pages. DOI # (written as hyperlink – e.g., Use DOI

            number rather than URL; no database information needed unless required by instructor


Livingstone, S., & Helsper, E. J. (2008). Parental mediation of children’s internet use.

            Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 52(4), 581-500.


Magazine article:

Author’s name ((Last name, Initials). (Date). Title of article. Magazine Title, Volume(Issue),

            Pages. DOI number or URL


Kisner, J. (2020, April). Reiki can’t possibly work. So why does it? The Atlantic.

Print Example:

Kunzig, R. (2020, March). The end of trash. National Geographic, 42-71.

Newspaper article:

Author’s name (Last name, Initials). (Date). Title of article. Title of Newspaper, page number or



Amiri, E., & Nissenbaum, D. (2020, March 9). Afghanistan’s presidential rivals hold parallel

inaugurations. The Wall Street Journal,

Articles from a website:

Author’s name (Last name, Initials). (Date). Title of article. Title of Website. URL.


What is organic food, and is it better than non-organic? (2016 May 14). Healthline.