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APA citations

General Guidelines

  • References page should be a separate page from the rest of your paper
  • References should be centered and bolded at the top of the page
  • Every in text citation should have a corresponding complete citation
  • Indent: After the first line of the citation, indent each line 1/2" thereafter. This is called a Hanging Indent.
  • Multiple authors:
    • Last name and first initial(s) for all authors of a single work up to and including 20.
    • Separate with commas
  • Use an ampersand (&) before the last author in the list
  • Order: Entries are alphabetized by author last name. Works without an author are alphabetized by title of the work.
  • Capitalization: Titles of books, book chapters, articles (journal and online), reports, and websites: capitalize only the first letter of the first word of the title (and subtitle) and any proper nouns
    • Exception: Capitalize all major words in the title of a journal
  • Italicize titles of journals

Hanging Indents

In Microsoft Word:

  1. From the Home tab, click the small arrow for Paragraph Settings.
  2. In the Indentation section of the box that appears: from the Special drop-down box, click Hanging.
  3. Click Ok.

In Google Docs:

  1. From the Format menu, click Align & Indent. Then click Indentation Options.
  2. From the Special Indent drop-down list, click Hanging.
  3. Click Apply.